President’s Letter

Spring 2020 Newsletter

Nebraska ACEP,

At this challenging time of COVID 19, I hope you remember to take care of yourself. As First Responders, recognize burnout and secondary traumatic stress.

Signs of Burnout:

  • Sadness, depression, or apathy
  • Easily frustrated
  • Blaming of others, irritability
  • Isolation or disconnection from others
  • Needing drugs/alcohol to cope
  • Feeling like a failure

Signs of Secondary Traumatic Stress:

  • Physical signs of stress such as racing heart
  • Nightmares or recurrent thoughts about the traumatic situation
  • Excessive worry or fear about something terrible happening
  • The feeling that others’ trauma is yours

Coping techniques such as taking breaks, eating healthy food, and exercising, help reduce burnout and secondary traumatic stress. Limit your working hours no longer than 12-hour shifts. Work in teams and limit the amount of time working alone. Know that it is ok to say “no.”

Remind yourself that it is not selfish to take breaks. The needs of the survivors are not more important than your own needs and well-being. Working all the time does not mean you will make the best contribution.

Our jobs, as ED providers, can be both rewarding and stressful. Knowing you have stress and coping with it will help you stay well. ACEP has a Wellness and Assistance Program that offers ACEP members three free counseling or wellness sessions in partnership with Mines and Associates. Sessions are available 24/7 by phone, text, or online messaging—Call 1-800-873-7138 to register and begin your sessions.

There are many discounts available to frontline providers during this pandemic, such as Nike and North Face. Please see the link below for details. Most require you to sign up on to confirm you are a healthcare worker.

We will be updating you on the date of the next NE ACEP meeting when available. ACEP members with 40 years or more of service will be honored. The president-elect position is still open; please contact me ( if you are interested.


Renee Engler, MD, FACEP

NE ACEP President